Patients changing
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What We Do

At HealthiVibe, we believe that the voice of the patient should hold tremendous influence over the decisions made in the healthcare industry. And we have mastered a way to effectively capture that intelligence and apply it to the clinical trials and patient programs our clients develop.

With a team of seasoned professionals boasting experience in clinical trials and commercial operations for a host of pharmaceutical clients, our expertise includes:

We bring together patients in a round-table format to collaborate and share perspectives on their disease or condition, and the realities of how it impacts their lives and their families. We analyze your unique objectives and offer expert recommendations on the best approach to conduct these sessions.

Ad boards and focus groups can either be one-time events or a series of sessions to discuss topics like protocol design, hurdles to compliance and retention, or treatment options. They can include sponsor representatives and other stakeholders, can be blinded for anonymity between participant and sponsor, and they can be in just one country or on a global level. Regardless of which format we jointly determine is best for your particular needs, the insights we gather during these patient discussions inform best practices and give patient engagement initiatives direction.

Interviews with individuals, conducted in person or over the phone, provide in-depth, qualitative data on various aspects of a research study or a disease state. Interviews can also be used to test patient comprehension of study or program materials.

Surveys allow us to better understand patient perceptions and attitudes related to their disease or condition. Tapping into our global network of 10 million opt-in consumers, we gather insights into preferences for treatment options, study design, and program participation. Quantitative surveys gather feedback from a more representative, generalized, global patient population. Statistically-based reports include descriptive analysis and frequency tables, and the data can be used for publication or regulatory meetings.

Simulations bring the clinical trial experience to life for sponsors. They allow organizations to observe first-hand how patients, site investigators, and study coordinators interact with one another in a mock setting as they walk through realistic scenarios from a clinical trial screening or study visit before the study is initiated. The simulation is then followed by an intensive moderator-led debrief to glean valuable input on the patient perspective of the study visit experience.

We offer a wide range of video production services, ranging from compilation videos of patient vignettes to footage of patient engagement activities from advisory boards and other face-to-face meetings. Patient testimonials highlight insights about a patient’s disease, treatments, or a trial—in their own words, providing sponsors an opportunity to see the condition first-hand, through the patient lens. Compilation videos can be used as an educational resource for company staff and shown at investigator meetings as a powerful way to share the patient voice.

HealthiVibe provides a robust and comprehensive solution to clients looking to better understand the clinical trial participant experience leveraging quantitative and qualitative understanding—and to take action on that understanding to improve their studies and the experience of their participants.

HealthiPerspectives is our proprietary, end-to-end survey platform for gathering clinical trial participant feedback at the start, during and upon completion of the clinical trial. In addition to the survey itself—created through an IRB-approved process with the input of patients, caregivers and even site administrators—we offer a white-glove process for getting your survey into the field, in the U.S. and around the world. Our HIPAA-compliant and mobile-ready survey platform, expert translation services, extensive site communication experience, and easy integration with existing systems all help to get your survey into patients' hands quickly and with no administrative hassle or burden on the site staff.

Collecting the data is only the start. Our HealthiView web-based reporting platform makes it easy to track all your study surveys and begin identifying strengths and weaknesses. With easy-to-understand scoring metrics and daily survey updates, HealthiView gives you an intuitive dashboard to investigate survey data by theme, site and country. Read more about HealthiView here.

When more in-depth qualitative analysis is required, our experienced and dedicated scientists work closely with your team to craft an analytic plan tailored to your study needs and questions. Combining our scientific and statistical expertise with a deep understanding of clinical trials gained through decades of industry experience, the end result is the gold standard of quantitative and qualitative analysis, delivering exactly what you need to identity how to move forward.

Based on our trial simulation model we conduct with patients, we design and execute a new kind of investigator meeting that trains and motivates sites through the lens of the patient. Called Study Initiation Meetings (SIM), our model and approach is unlike that of a typical investigator meeting. We offer a full service solution of complete meeting planning and travel coordination, content development and creative branding. The meeting experience is immersive, and uses various techniques to help the site take a patient from identification to study completion. We include limited general session presentations, a branded and interactive exhibit hall, break-out interactive simulations, and a Cyber Café for even more hands-on site staff training. We design workshops that create more role-play opportunities for sites where participants will move a trial participant through screening, interacting with the ICF, IP and the EDC.

We develop branding, materials, tools, and strategies that are designed to improve the performance of your study, simplify patient recruitment and retention efforts, and add value in the overall study conduct. Our team has experience in all facets of investigator and patient communications, from developing a customized name, logo, and brand for studies to the creation of print and digital tools and materials for the study’s key stakeholders: patients, caregivers, site staff, advocacy groups, and more.

Leveraging proven health literacy models, we offer a wide range of resource materials to support the site and patient experience including investigator kits, mini protocols, and laminated cards for site staff, as well as study guides, recruitment pamphlets and posters, simplified e-diary user guides, device and drug instructions, appointment reminders, custom study websites, and more.

Designed to provide operational and educational information regarding study conduct, these site and patient tools and materials contain easy-to-follow information to maximize patient recruitment and retention while supporting a dialogue between study staff and patients. Our study materials also can be translated for patients, making them accessible on a global level. Add to it our experience working with U.S.-based central and local IRBs, as well as international ethics committees, and your study’s approval process will be streamlined and simplified.

With decades of combined experience in the healthcare industry and patient advocacy, we bring to the table expertise in clinical trials and patient initiatives, as well as a unique perspective on the value of the patient voice. Our consulting services range from facilitator-led workshops on patient-centricity models to expert advice on pharmaceutical industry best practices.

If you would like to learn how we can help your company understand and apply patient insights to develop more patient-focused programs and clinical trials, please contact us for more information about our services.