Patients changing
the future


At HealthiVibe, we believe that the voice of the patient should hold tremendous influence over the decisions made in the healthcare industry. And we have mastered a way to effectively capture patient perspectives and apply them to the clinical trials and patient programs our clients develop.

With a team of seasoned professionals boasting experience in clinical trials and commercial operations for a host of pharmaceutical clients, our expertise includes a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques to capture patient and caregiver feedback. These techniques can be done in-person or virtually via video sessions or telephone calls. For foreign language interviews, we utilize simultaneous translators so our clients and our team can hear the patient feedback in real time. Below is just a sample of some of our most popular methods to capture these perspectives:

  • Gain an early understanding of the patient population and identify challenges and opportunities to improve the patient experience
  • Understand factors influencing treatment choice, information needs for treatment selection and factors influencing switch
  • Identify expectations regarding treatment side effects and balancing risk-benefit

  • Obtain feedback in a round-table format where patients collaborate and share perspectives on their disease or condition, and the realities of how it impacts their lives and their families
  • Employ a co‐creation model as patients interact as questions are posed, sparking debate and collaboration on ideas around diagnosis, patient journey, treatments, hurdles to compliance/retention, treatment options, disease burden, technologies, clinical trials and more
  • One time event or a series of group sessions

  • Conduct a deep dive on a variety of topics ranging from clinical trial participation to burden of illness
  • Engage in topics that are more complex or sensitive
  • Conduct interviews with hard to reach/rare disease populations on a mix of topics
  • In-person, web-based or via telephone

  • Understand patient perceptions, attitudes and preferences related to disease, treatment options, trial participation, etc.
  • Gather feedback on a global scale to gather quantifiable data on a range of perspectives
  • Obtain statistically-based reports with descriptive analysis and frequency tables; data can be used for publication or regulatory meetings
  • Online (on any device in any language) or via telephone

  • Bring together a patient and a PI/SC team in an unscripted, unrehearsed simulation to role play and walk through a screening and study visit
  • Walk through scenarios including informed consent, visit schedule, ePROs, drug packaging
  • Includes a patient interview/debrief session to glean valuable input about the trial
  • Provides opportunity for operationalizing the protocol and obtain feedback on the nuts and bolts of study execution and messaging

  • Evaluate technology with real-life patients with target condition
  • Gather insights into the patient clinical trial experience inclusive of the use digital technologies
  • Holistic model balancing study experience with use of wearables, mobile apps, virtual platforms, telemedicine visits
  • Understand patient preference/burden/willingness to implement tools in most meaningful way
  • Ensure patients are willing/able to use technology in its intended environment to ensure trial data is valid and valuable to support submission
  • Eye tracking, biometric devices, facial coding, heat maps
  • Conduct in state-of-the-art research facility or in field (home, workplace, school, ride-alongs)

  • HealthiPerspectives
    • First of its kind end-to-end survey platform to gather trial participant experience feedback at the beginning, mid-point and close-out of a study
    • Understand challenges, distinguish drivers to patient satisfaction, identify areas of improvement (ICF, visit schedule), determine effectiveness of study tools
    • Secure, HIPAA-compliant, EU-based platform servers, available in any language, on any device
    • Survey agnostic interface, deployed in hundreds of studies, more than 2,000 sites and more than 60 countries
  • HealthiView
    • Secure web-based client portal to view survey results in real time
    • Key Findings, detailed response frequencies, and aggregate scores by question, thematic area, site and country
    • View and download underlying responses with on-the-fly PDF reports
    • Industry-wide benchmarking

  • Patient insights from past and current projects are hard to leverage within a company, making it difficult to draw on expertise and body of learning
  • Content-agnostic database platform designed for pharma and custom-built for patient insights
  • Built around the terminology and nuances of qualitative/quantitative research and clinical trials
  • A research assistant, not just a CMS with support for many different kinds of content and learns over time
  • Identifies key findings, objectives, conclusions, recommendations, patient verbatims (learning system)

  • Full service, in-house graphic designer, copywriters, health literacy experts and print production staff to deliver full service print and digital patient, caregiver and healthcare professional study and program materials
  • Develop branding, materials, tools, and strategies that are designed to improve the performance of clinical studies, simplify patient recruitment and retention efforts, and add value in the overall study conduct
  • Expertise in global deployment, translations, working with U.S.-based central and local IRBs, as well as international ethics committees, and distribution to sites around the world

  • HealthiVibe designs and manages a highly-selective recruitment, selection and contracting process to identify patients to serve as long-term advisors to pharma teams
  • A sustainable, long-term relationship with thoughtful and disease-aware patients to gain expertise that can be leveraged to support medicine life-cycle from early development to post-approval and marketing programs
    • Interact with patient advisors as needed to learn from those living with this condition and inform how the Company can improve clinical trials, launch programs, onboarding, adherence, and more
    • Understand how each patient, their family and their healthcare team (including doctors, nurses, and/or physician assistants) decide what medicine or treatment to use
    • Design better materials, such as websites, apps, and informed consent documents
  • Activities that may include in-person individual or group meetings, web-based conference calls, 1:1 telephone interviews, surveys, and internal- and external-facing company meetings

  • First-in-class patient experience ecosystem
  • World’s largest social network for health, with 1 million members across the globe, and growing
  • Over 1000 active online communities, moderated by over 500 patient advocacy groups
  • Connecting people with the same health conditions, to:
    • Share experiences and get answers to questions about their chronic conditions
    • Support their wellbeing needs
    • Empowering them with knowledge to enhance self-care
  • Providing a wealth of data to inform Sponsor initiatives with real-world evidence
  • Customizable private communities to support patient engagement
  • Leverage communities to support Patient Opinion Leader panels
  • Reputed HealthUnlocked platform that hosts the largest global online patient community