Capturing the patient voice
to improve outcomes

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

“To provide an evidence-based process for companies to leverage patient insights and create patient-centered initiatives at every stage of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle: from clinical trial design through post-approval activities and research.”

Infusing patient feedback into pharma programs
HealthiVibe is improving the way clinical trials and patient-focused programs are conducted-simplifying the study development and coordination process for pharmaceutical companies and enhancing the patient experience for participants in innovative ways.

How do we do this? With intelligence.

HealthiVibe has a unique approach which melds our team's expertise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with actual patients' experiential knowledge.

We have learned that when patients become partners, innovation is sparked. Whether your product is in the pre-approval, regulatory, or post-approval phase, this innovative patient-centric approach helps our pharmaceutical clients understand patients' needs, and in turn, allows sponsors to deploy faster, more effective, and less costly clinical trials and patient programs.

HealthiVibe has conducted work with thousands of patients from more than 60 countries, insuring that the patient voice is represented throughout all of our clients' global studies and initiatives.

Patient Insights Throughout the Product Lifecycle
We believe there are many opportunities to include the patient voice to support a variety of initiatives throughout the entire product lifecycle. Below is an example of how we work with clients to leverage these insights.

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