Patients changing
the future


Every clinical trial and patient-centric initiative presents unique challenges, but we have found that even small changes in approach can make a big difference in participation, retention, and outcome. How do we know? We ask.

Gathering intelligence via focus groups, interviews, surveys, and simulations, HealthiVibe taps deep into the patient psyche to capture a holistic look at their real-life experiences. How does the patient view their disease or condition, and what burden does it place on them and their loved ones? Why is the patient taking medication, and why would they consider switching drugs? How do they perceive their quality of life? What do they think about your specific program or study? Would they be willing to participate?

Infusing patient feedback into pharma programs

We have access to 10 million consumers worldwide — coping with a vast range of diseases and health conditions — who provide us access to the voice of the patient information you want and need.

Armed with first-hand patient insights, we hone in on the often-overlooked scientific, operational, and behavioral imperfections of trial and program development and execution, and we uncover ways to improve them.

Through this proprietary process, we are able to understand and eliminate numerous potential challenges, which helps our clients design and conduct trials and programs that better fit participants' needs. Such optimization means pharmaceutical companies can more quickly commence and complete effective, patient-friendly studies and develop beneficial patient initiatives — and saving time equates to saving money.

Patient Insights Throughout the Product Lifecycle

We believe there are many opportunities to include the patient voice to support a variety of initiatives throughout the entire product lifecycle. Below is an example of how we work with clients to leverage these insights.

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